About Your Pod

Your Pod is designed to be comfortable - the special roofing material cuts down the noise of heavy rain and the window and lockable French doors are double glazed to reduce condensation and provide sound insulation. The wood used in the construction is a naturally 'warm' material but to provide extra winter warmth we have installed sheep's wool insulation inside the walls while a special foil layer under the roof helps keep summer temperatures in check. There is a small, high level window in the back wall, this not only provides light but will help keep the living space ventilated and aid 'through draft' on hot summer days.

Your Pod is connected to the electricity and we provide a small heater, lighting and a cool box for perishables. There is a roller blind to the entrance door, and a soft floor covering or carpet. We can also provide sleeping packs, which include an Aero inflatable bed (single or double) with duvet, sheet and pillow (extra charge applies).

Otherwise you can provide your own bed roll or inflatable mattress. You are able to request your sleeping pack and any other additions when booking. Our Pod Stuff page has a few good ideas for kit that is in tune with living in a Pod.

Ethos of Quarry Pods
Nestled down, in Dunsdon Farms historic quarry, our camping pods offer a truly great location to get closer to nature and away from the day to day hubbub. Local outdoor activities from surfing and mountain biking, walking and cycling are well catered for in the local area, and let us not overlook angling or just the opportunity for chilling out in a glorious natural setting with the birds singing or the stars above your head. After all, fast and convoluted modern lives sometimes need a big antidote. Quarry Pods at Dunsdon Farm offer an oasis of calm......a timeless and beautifully balanced space for living in the landscape.......Seek them out!

10 good reasons to be cheerful

  • Already set up when you get there - just move in
  • Avoid the adverse effects of driving rain or the chore of taking down and drying out wet tents
  • No wind whip or flapping to keep you awake
  • No waking with the early dawns of the long days of summer
  • More privacy and security
  • All the benefits of an insulated structure in winter and summer
  • Having heat, light and power for other electrical devices
  • Carry your own POD kit for maximum enjoyment
  • A massive hit with kids - it's a 'den' thing
  • And possibly best of all - Affordable accommodation in a truly stunning location, this is cool camping at its best!

Time at Quarry Pods, is restful and positively energising......a place to get closer to yourself and your friends......enjoy.