Friday – Arrival

It was the day of our arrival-Friday 27th July. I was excited, the most excited of us all.
It was the start of the summer holidays and we were heading of for a relaxed but action-packed week away with the dogs in the heart of rural Devon.
We arrived at the Old Shippon reasonably late though it was still light outside. We opened the door to me bet by the welcoming sight of a classic but luxurious light-filled space. The Owners had left us some scones with jam and clotted cream. Yum!! We were also left tea and coffee along with some milk- all of which is a very welcoming sight after a long journey in a stuffy old car!
After having had some tea and scones we headed out for a walk with the dogs. We were spoilt for choice as the cottage had access to its very own 24 acre woodland. There is also the chance to have a wander round the nature reserve which also leads on to the Bude Canal. However, we decided to explore the woodland. With its many pathways, it is a great space to let your dogs safely off the lead without having to worry. There is also the chance for the dogs to have a splash in the small pond near the bottom of the woodland.
We then headed back to the cottage with tired, but very happy dogs. We then all had a great night sleep in the comfortable beds and cosy rooms, ready for our first day exploring Devon.


We went to the bustling seaside town of Bude today. We wandered along the canal there and had lunch at the olive tree. We then went and got ice cream from the kiosk after playing on the beach with the dogs.
The canal was host to a range of activities such as rowing and pedalos, which we just couldn’t resist having a go at.
We looked round the tourist information which was in the main carpark. When looking for inspiration we found plenty to do from local beaches to traditional Cornish fishing villages.
We also walked up through the town, with its many surf and sea inspired shops.
After an action packed day we headed back for some tea in the garden, listening to the birdsong and just generally relaxing, readying ourselves for another busy day.


It’s a bit grey today so we decided to take this opportunity to go to Dingles Fairground near Launceston. It was a great day out and the rides were really fun even if they were the traditional old fairground rides. Some were really fast and filled you up with adrenaline until you were fit to burst! Dingles is also home to the last remaining Spinning Top Switchback in existence which is also probably the oldest surviving fairground ride in the country, which I found quite astounding.
We then went on to have lunch at Lifton after using all of our energy up laughing.
It had been a tiring day so we sat down to play a few of the games on offer back at the cottage and then settled down for bed.


It was going to be a hot day so we made the decision to leave the dogs back at the cottage in the crates that were thoughtfully left for us. Having left them there, in their crates so they couldn’t get up to mischief, we made our way to Okehampton Station so we could cycle along the Granite Way to Lydford. They do hire bikes about half way along, but we had our own so we set off from Okehampton. It was an 11 mile journey to Lydford (a 22 mile roundtrip). We stopped for lunch at the Bearslake Inn on the way back, which was only just off of the trail.
We went back to the cottage for a picnic in the Garden and played with the tennis balls that were left for us.
Yet another successful day!


Today we went to Morwellham Quay which was near Tavistock for a thoroughly Victorian experience. With its historic port, village, copper mine and railway there was plenty to do.
We travelled on the mine train along the scenic river Tamar and into the Victorian copper mine which, altogether was a 40 minute journey. We also learnt what it was like to be at school in Victorian times.
It was a great experience and we ended up staying there the whole day.
On the way back we stopped off at the Rydon Inn for dinner which is near Holsworthy.


Today we went to Instow beach as well as exploring Appledore. We had great fish and chips at Sylvesters in Appledore. We also got an ice cream from the Hockings ice cream van that was right next to the beach. I can tell you, it was one of the best ice creams I have tasted!!
The dogs loved their time on the beach, rolling in the sand and splashing around in the sea. It was really very funny to watch!!
We’re now heading back to the cottage before we go bowling and we are planning to get something to eat at Elements which is an Italian restaurant.


It’s our last day here in Devon. We are planning on taking the dogs up to Tamar Lakes (which isn’t far from here) and going for a walk, and then maybe we might try either paddle boarding or canoeing on the lake.
We might be going out for dinner to Life’s a Beach in Bude. It is situated right next to the beach so mum and dad said we could play whilst waiting for the food.
We did go, and the food was very grown up, however very delicious!!


We’re going home today. I have to be honest, I don’t really want to leave!! I love the cottage, the place, the activities we’ve done and I’m just sad that it’s coming to an end.
We have had a very exciting week away and have been to many great places. The cottage was wonderful and the dogs loved every minute. I will miss this place a lot!!

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